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Yeah, I met two really important ladies who are now close long time friends.

Ok Cupid is definitely further away from the hookup culture /features that things like Tinder are.

The problem with saying hi how are you is that it's the most boring low effort thing you could say, and it puts the woman in the position of carrying the conversation.

I took a look at my female friends tinder and I was surprised to see that she had like 100 current matches and her main complaint was that 95% of guys are either super boring and say the same shit, or they say something creepy.

Having a cute dog also probably helped but still I like Ok Cupid for dating things.

They have a huge list of hypothetical questions that you answer and also list what you accept as an answer.

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f 60 - Bluesitemoon f 63 - daisyjean f 69 - nurseevans f 69 - fernmeadow2 f 70 - Sunsenior f 70 - eastcoastnb m 60 - Dannyss m 64 - Highlande...That being said they have recently added the swipe left and right thing on the app... You didn't ask, but here are some suggestions for your profile: write something. I never messaged guys without a little write up, because I didn't like to just say "hi, how are you?Just look at the profile for anyone that seems interesting. " Have as many photos as it allows, don't post 6 pictures of selfies, and no douchey photos (I know this isn't specific, but I don't have enough time in my life to explain what would make a photo douchey).I unmatched plenty of guys when their conversation got so dull that I couldn't even bother carrying the convo.Also, don't have endless conversations that don't go anywhere.

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