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In the cab, he kept talking about a band he liked in Brooklyn and said that we should go see them, next Tuesday. I loved live music and thrilled to meet a man who knew how to make plans in advance.

The following day, Brett emailed me to tell me he had a nice time and that we should go to see the band.

Instead, like any good stalker, I found myself checking his page religiously for days.

Every other day, he reported on a different date that made the women seem like a fool. I felt bad for the other ladies he was chronicling.

It doesn't mean a person cannot or will not stretch, grow, and improve, but expecting that loving them will change the core of who they are is unrealistic AND unfair.4.

Get rid of the "Perfect List.”Be realistic, but don't settle. Don't look for crazy chemistry (again, you're not 20 anymore), look for affection, respect, love, honesty, and someone you can see being your BEST FRIEND and LOVER for the rest of your life.

"I just don't think we have enough in common to go further, and I have met someone else."It had to be a joke. His email stung more than I thought it would, reminding me of all the romances that I had tried and failed. He had twisted my words, making himself out to be the victim. I wanted to respond, to show them I wasn't a freak, that he'd warped my words.

Isn't that kind of what happened when we married in our 20s? Personally, I discovered things about myself in my 40s that are really important to me that weren't before. I had dated an actor before, so I knew how to handle myself, and I felt lucky and excited to be around such a posh crowd.Brett got his bonus points for an original first date.Unlike the wide-eyed and malleable people you were dealing with in the early years, this person has experienced life, formed their own opinions about the world, determined what they want, who they are, and how they want to live their lives.The probability of your changing them is pretty low, even if they fall in love with you.

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