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KAVIANI, JAMSHID JAMES KAZEMI, NICK KENNALY, JOHN KLEIN, RICHARD BUTLER KOLLERBOHM, FRED ALANIZ LAM, JACK JANGLE LANDERS, CHARLES RAY, JR. By redesigning the support system and ties for unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings, Aguilar acted in the capacity of a civil engineer.

HANSEN, JOHN HARVEY HARDIN, HAROLD DEAD HILL, MELVIN (#581-A) HILL, MELVIN (#647-A) HNEITI, WALID A. Aguilar also committed acts of fraud in his practice as a professional engineer by certifying that the construction conducted on the URM buildings conformed with the approved designs.This page contains summaries of disciplinary decisions finalized between 1987 and June 2007. Alexander, a civil engineer, as a result of the work he performed for a tract development.The Board is in the process of preparing the summaries for decisions which became effective between June 2007 and June 2010. Summaries regarding actions which result in revocation or surrender of the license remain on the web site indefinitely. (#503-A) BRADY, ROBERT EDWARD BROWN, CLIFFORD RAYMOND (#411-A) BROWN, CLIFFORD RAYMOND (#607-A) BRYSON, BERNARD G. Specifically, Alexander prepared soils reports and indicated that compliance with grading specifications had been met.Alexander successfully completed two 4.5-hour continuing education workshops; one in anchor systems and the other for general connectors.He submitted five letters to the Board from former clients attesting to his honesty, professionalism, and efficiency.

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