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And just like these two general motives, men also fall into one of two general categories: either providers or lovers.What you'll discover is that providers offer external benefits, while lovers provide internal benefits. Now, here's the real secret to dealing with women, starting from the moment you get a woman asking you these questions...Callum Növelli ®@___UKF___Follow Why do women get their makeup on while they are on public transport?Just get ready at home like normal people, that's why its called "home" AM - 19 Jun 14Reply Retweet Favorite Southern Bella™@Post Grad Belle Follow Why do women get upset when someone gives their baby the same name as theirs Do you think you're the only person to name your child that?

Women have two personal reasons for getting together with men: the external benefits and the internal benefits they receive. Really, it's the feelings underneath the benefits that women are ultimately after.If he imagines himself as a lion or tiger or some other predator, it could mean he views himself as strong and powerful, always going after what he wants.If he responds by saying a bird or another animal that can fly, it could indicate a desire for freedom and adventure.Asking men 'questions' during any stage of dating, courtship, or a relationship is always a dicey thing to do, as far as a woman is concerned.A man's mind and a woman's mind are like chalk and cheese.

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Again, his answer won't reveal everything, so you shouldn't draw any broad conclusions, but let your instincts guide you based on the answer you hear.

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