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If you take a look at keywork searched graph you’ll se a growing interest towards the American social network. – From One: Lithuania – From Wretch: Taiwan – From Friendster: Philippines Odnoklassniki and V Kontakte still remains the social networks preferred by Russian people In Europe: Hungary, Poland and Netherlands still love local providers. Top 3 Social Networking Sites (June 2010) One year after the previous ranking table (below) we can see the rise of Twitter against My Space (in Australia and Canada) and Bebo (in UK) and the slow growth of Linkedin.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// A map of the world, showing the most popular social networks by country, according to Alexa & Google Trends for Websites traffic data* (December 2009).

The media was reporting what it heard from scientists [about cold fusion].

Only a tiny fraction of all scientific research is ever covered by the popular media, however, and most scientists go through their entire career without once encountering a reporter.

In these countries Alexa gives victory to Facebook, but Google Trends for Websites still shows a predominance of local players.

Top 3 Social Networking Sites (December 2010) If we take a look over Facebook’s shoulders we can see the rise of Twitter especially against My Space (in Australia, Canada, Germany and Italy) and the slow but constant growth of Linked In (in Australia, Canada, UK).

We may therefore be sorely tempted to misuse that power in furthering a personal prejudice or social goal -- why not provide that extra oomph by extending the umbrella of science over a personal preference in ethics or politics?

But we cannot, lest we lose the very respect that tempted us in the first place." - Stephen Jay Gould Bully for Brontosaurus, pp 429-30 (But some, it seems, are willing to take that risk.) Bailey - no protection to men in Kenya Connelly - no protection to black South Africans Auvert - no protection to young South Africans Gust - no protection to gay men Grulich - no protection to insertive Australian gay men (though it has been reported as if there is) Doerner - no protection to insertive gay men in Britain Jozkowski - no protection to US gay men Jameson - no protection to men who have sex with men Millett - no protection to US Black and Latino men who have unprotected insertive sex with men Mc Daid - no protection to Scottish men who have sex with men Wawer - no protection (and maybe increased risk) to women Turner - no protection to women Baeten - no protection to women Chao - greater risk to women Thomas - no protection in a high-risk population Shaffer - no protection by traditional circumcision Mor - no protection to men (weaselly-worded and data-mined to look as if there is) Thornton - no protection to men who have sex with men in London Moiti - circumcised youth at greater risk in Uganda Brewer - circumcised youth at greater risk in Mozambique Darby - no benefit in Australia Rodriguez-Diaz - circumcised men at greater risk in Puerto Rico Tobian - increased risk to women Two Cochrane Reviews Between Correlation and Recommendation A Vaccine? A Solution Looking For A Problem Ethics the Role of the Mucosa "Dry Sex" Delayed washing after sex Alcohol Female Genital Cutting Sexual Selection Wife Inheritance Heterosexual transmission - Europe vs the United States A voice of sanity from UNAIDS A voice of sanity from the Terrence Higgins Trust A UK survey of gay men that found more circumcised men with HIV The hazards of unblinded trials Other studies that show no correlation or a negative correlation between intactness and HIV/AIDS It is not, of course, up to the media to decide what is good or bad science.

All the updated stats about the social networks of the world are in the page Social Media Statistics.New results and ideas are argued in the halls of research institutions, presented at scientific meetings, published in scholarly journals, all out of the public usually pitched directly to the media, circumventing the normal process of scientific review and debate. The result is that a disproportionate share of the science seen by the public is flawed. circumcision must be combined with other techniques of HIV prevention, such as safe sex and voluntary testing.Since June Facebook conquered new territories from its competitors (in 100 out of 127 countries analyzed it is market leader). Caution: data based on Alexa only, because Google doesn’t provide Orkut traffic data.It could be interesting to understand if these two social networks are mirroring social class divisions.

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