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His blog is filled with candid shots into his time as a sugar daddy, the good and the bad.He also offers his opinions on different debates in the sugar bowl and ties in lyrics with many of his posts, for those of you who want a song that says what you’re thinking.Therefore, while kissing, close your eyes and feel the moment.If you keep your eyes open, while kissing your lady, and she sees it, she’ll think that you’re weird and pull away thinking that you aren’t savoring the moment. Use Less Tongue Using your tongue while kissing a woman is a beautiful and intimate thing, but we would suggest you avoid it when kissing your date for the first time.She has the tough love advice you’ve been looking for.Social clout: 51 followers URL: Lisa Schmidt is a former sugar baby herself, and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the sugar dating world.For Millenials, texting relationships can be a mixed bag.Millenials (comprised of 18-34-year-olds) have grown up in the age of the Internet, with cell phones… Meeting other singles through online dating sites is a great way to expand your social network and find potential romance.

They keep their blog well-stocked with posts on practically any question you could think of, ranging from the pros and cons of pay-per-meet arrangements to the ins and outs of juggling IRL dating with the sugar lifestyle. Social clout: 16,185 likes, 185 followers URL: David Montrose practically wrote the book on sugar dating.

If you can’t resist using your tongue while kissing, just don’t dive in or push your tongue deep inside her mouth.

It’s a bad move, and she might pull away feeling repelled. The post 6 First Time Kissing Tips For Men appeared first on Play It On Point!

If your lady likes you, she won’t resist one kiss from you.

And when she isn’t in a mood to kiss, she’ll pull away, when you reach out to her.

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Strong, confident, independent women want to know: do men like to be chased instead of doing the chasing? Gender roles are a lot more fluid than they used to be. When you rely on texting too much, you could be sabotaging a budding relationship.

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