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The tube hinge was generally used until the 1890s where the safety catch clasp became popular in the Art Deco 1920s period.

Over the years the appearance of the safety catch clasp has changed so it's good to recognize the old from the new.

YEARS AFTER at Ruby Lane have been dealing in Antique & Vintage Jewelry for over 25 years and offer a Wide Selection of Authentic Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Fine 14K Gold and Silver Jewelry, Vintage Plastics such as Antique Vintage Bakelite, Celluloid & Lucite Jewelry, Kitchenware Utensils, Purses, Dolls & Clothing, Wedding Gifts.

A genuinely old piece will have all the ingredients to confirm its authenticity.

Since Bakelite is either cast or molded it would not have a seam line anywhere and the workmanship should look hand carved and not be crudely executed as if a stamp was used.

On Vintage Bakelite brooches, the clasp would be embedded into the piece.

You'll be amazed at what you could find and where you will find it.

Suddenly a piece of jewelry that you thought was newer or made of silver plate or gold plate now may be seen in a different light as genuine antique silver or gold with another store of value!

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A lot of old jewelry such as Victorian Jewelry was not marked.

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