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My boyfriend Dan and I got together when I was twelve and he was fourteen.

Our families assumed it was going to be a brief first romance, and yes, we broke up after a month.

But then we got back together – which has pretty much set the pattern ever since.

Dan and I have now been together for the last seven years, interspersed with occasional break-ups (the longest of which lasted a month).

I’m not sure.) I will admit I felt bad when I heard about this – it’s not nice to feel as though you’ve caused your loved one embarrassment by dressing in the manner that you like.

However, Dan maintains that he has never been embarrassed by me or ashamed of me, which means a lot.

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In short, we may LOOK like an odd couple, but you can’t judge from outside appearances what two people might have in common. In yesterday's Goth fashion style post, I mentioned that I was running out of ideas for such posts, and the response was fantastic - thanks, everyone, for their suggestions.

So don’t worry about whether that person you like is a Goth or not – just go for it. Anyone else who wishes to weigh in on this debate (including a tangent I'm heading off on - is 'bubblegoth', as created by non-Goth (but Goth-friendly) musician Kerli, actually Goth?

I've been coming here since i was 16 and I love this place. Just the fact that you find people who are into the same stuff you're into makes it even better.

There's a room for everyone and you can talk to people that are into the things you are! And to be honest some of the chicks on here are pretty hot.

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