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Aside from the alarming negativity towards creative footwear choices, this comment is fairly indicative of the messages I get. “I’m going to find out you’re fucking 5’6″ and not 5’8″.” I mean, that’s a curse word. It sounds like the sort of thing that would be written in cut-out magazine letters, and come wrapped around some poor person’s finger. ” I don’t think I’d even notice that someone who claimed to be 5’8″ was actually a ghastly 5’6″, but it sounds like Jess would happily stab such a person in the heart. So then I had to ask around and find out what the fuck meant. It better be subconscious, because I’m 6’2″ and I’ll tell you right now ladies, I ain’t protecting you from shit.

I’ve asked around, and the most common explanation I get for female height preference is that they like to feel “surrounded.” They want to hug someone bigger than them, lie next to someone large, someone who can put their arms around them and really…surround.

Talk a bit, share some interests, fascinate them with our minds, but only later do we reveal how short we are. Also, I have a guy friend that's 6 feet tall and he said he won't make friends with guys below 5'7 because no girls would talk to him if he hung around short people.Is this a real thing that goes on in many people's minds?For the girls, would you ever consider dating a guy not as tall as you or considered short by normal standards even if he was taller than you? well whats important i think BHAPGHAV is that you believe, and practice what you want to, not what those around you do, especially if its something you feel isnt right. people judge other people on whatever basis, or they dont.people judge by social and instinctual standards.............I'm nearly 6 feet tall and have to admit in high school there was a girl who was interested in me but I didn't go for her because she was taller than me. I also find that really tall girls that I know tend to end up with really short guys perhaps because people of average height aren't comfortable with someone of such a different height. society might have you think ppl of equal high should date but it doesnt mean you need to do what other think... are they going to pay for your life or are they going to live it for you? they may have an opinion of what they consider attractive but does that mean you have to agree with them?

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