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The biological, nuclear family and true love are still very popular as ideals, and people are getting married more now than they did five years ago, according to Berthe Linddal Hansen, a researcher at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies.

It can be difficult, however, to realize the dream.

No stigma In fact, the argument by Kurz and other researchers in the USA that marriage is dying in Scandinavia is debatable. Perhaps the great British statesman Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) had a point when he remarked: There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

For example, the whole idea of the central importance of love to marriage apparently didnt exist until medieval times.Twelfth century troubadours are given the credit for popularizing the notion of courtly love as we know it today.One thing that makes marriage special in Scandinavia, compared to North America, is that Scandinavians frequently wait to marry until after they have had one or more childrenhence the statistics about children born out of wedlock.Not only that, but Sweden is singled out as the world leader in family decline.USA Today echoed these sentiments recently, suggesting that marriage in parts of Scandinavia is dying. One assumes that there are tens of thousands of abandoned children wandering the streets of Stockholm and Helsinki, neglected and unloved, while the only people getting married, presumably, are romantically-minded gay couples. My personal reaction to Kurz claimas someone who has lived and worked in Sweden since 1986was amazement.

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  1. With the popularity of sites like e Harmony,, OKcupid and literally thousands of similar others, the stigma of online dating has diminished considerably in the last decade.