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It may have been via etchings of wealthy visitors dressed in the latest fashion or gardeners in working dress, positioned in close surroundings of a manor house.

Other evidence of pure economic or domestic use have been traced from contemporary written sources, for example in travel journals describing dye plants and mulberry trees in experimental plantations or botanical gardens. The pre-industrialisation in urban, rural and domestic areas may be seen from perspectives of textile manufacturers as well as the many spinners, weavers and connected occupations in workplaces at home and in factories.

The rising consumptions and standard of living for “the middling sort” in the 18th century – were two of several factors that appears to have contributed to the increasing speed of the Industrial Revolution...

Just as on his tour of Västergötland three years earlier, Linnaeus encountered even here an important wool establishment; the clothing manufacturers...

Preserved silk embroideries and clothing are other proofs for the well-to-do inhabitants increasing demand for silk wares of all kind...

During the second half of the 19th century fashion magazines for women increased in number, whether adorned with coloured plates or illustrated in black-and-white, so that those interested could keep up with the latest news.

However, no clothing was listed in such documents as these were part of personal belongings, but the increasing consumption and desire for luxury in aristocratic families were visible in their everyday life in other ways...

Green velvet, red woollen plush, French linen, or East Indian yellow damask.

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The mentioning of feathers was quite common in 18th century journals and diaries by Carl Linnaeus’ so-called seventeen Apostles.

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