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Whether you like it or not, they may be the ones copying your e-mails, secret formulas, customer lists, pricing policies and other trade secrets from your hard drive onto the tiny jump drives attached to their key chains.In some businesses, you might want to limit certain sensitive information to those who need to know.I've been concentrating on intellectual property issues for small and medium-sized businesses in recent columns to provide a better understanding of if, and when, patent, copyright, or trademark problems affect operations.

So in the "information age," ensuring the confidentiality of your own information isn't something that's limited to big companies with magic formulas locked up in vaults.I like to put "trust language" in my confidentiality covenants to the effect that "you agree that any information disclosed by us to you in the course of negotiations is our confidential intellectual property disclosed to you on conditions of trust" so that if the other side makes surreptitious use of it, my litigation department will be able to add "breach of trust" to the pleadings.In employment and independent contractor agreements, I might also add non-solicitation clauses as well, precluding a departed employee or contractor from contacting your company's clients to "divert their business" from you to them.DNA Wealth Concierge is a specialist financial services business.We are focused predominately on wealth structuring and asset management for foreign expatriates living or moving to Portugal. The Business Year (TBY) is a multi-channel platform providing news and analysis on some of the world's most dynamic economies.

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