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On the opposite end, I've met many people that were almost exclusively attracted to men / women outside of their own race but felt like it was too much of a taboo to pursue them. Hence we decided to release these apps in hopes that we can help facilitate a more positive message on interracial dating.I even met an Asian girl who was attracted to black men and her family threatened to disown her. Hopefully we can play a small part in helping to take down some of these negative stigmas around the world someday :).As many of us know, Ok Cupid has released several studies they've done on race, and it clearly shows that if you're a race other then white, you're statistically less desirable.I've experienced this feeling in the real world as well.We recently launched Color Dating for i OS and Android about a month ago.

I would posit that this app might help to facilitate relationships that don't fetishize or exoticize other people of color.

I'm a fan of a lot of dating apps AND interracial dating.

I find nothing wrong about an app that caters to interracial dating and lets you know ahead of time that people are open to dating outside of their race. If dating apps were completely colorblind we wouldn't find the need to create separate ones.

It got a lot of positive feedback on Reddit and I received many questions on /r/learnprogramming about our tech stack and process so I figured I’d write a short blog post about it here.i OS: Swift Backend: Ruby on Rails Database: Postgres Platform: Heroku Domain Register: Namecheap (Disclosure: affiliate link)At its core, the i OS app is pretty barebones. The question that’s always asked in an i OS project is whether to write it in Swift or Objective-C.

If you were to ask me about a year ago, I’d lean more towards Objective-C as many 3rd party frameworks on Github were just getting started.

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Nowadays, modern projects supporting Swift is comparable, if not exceeds in numbers of projects that support Objective-C.

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