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The customer has removed a lot of security permissions at multiple levels (registry,file system, Windows system rights….).Everything was fine until this customer needed to deploy a standard commercial application.(better yet: set it as a global variable in Control Panel, System applet) you won't need to type the . READINI is also available as Ki Xtart, Perl, Rexx and and VBScript scripts. (better yet: set it as a global variable in Control Panel, System) you won't need to type the .

Do not use on computers that are member of a domain. Start this batch file in an empty directory to keep track of all files. EXE is part of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit and can be downloaded here. Version 1.30 contains several improvements by Van Woods, US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District.

The application was writing a lot of information in the registry.

Because of the hardening of the system, there was no way to install this application.

The application just through an error and the setup didn’t complete at all ! I do not know how it came into my mind but when searching for a solution I asked myself a really “simple” question : who would have more rights than the administrator account in this situation ?

One option would have been to use some tools (like process monitor) to investigate and try to identify where the application was trying to write information to but we were short on time. Eureka, system account might have more rights than the local administrator rights in my current scenario.

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On Vista and Windows 7, you will not get access to the yellow command prompt automatically.

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