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In 1831, chess pieces were discovered in a sand dune on the Isle of Lewis.They were carved from walrus ivory and whale teeth into small statues depicting royalty, bishops, mounted knights, warders, and pawns.The loch no longer exists, but the village remains in good condition, including some of the timber structures.

During a survey project recording new archaeological sites, the unusual alignment was first spotted from the air at Warren Field near Crathes Castle.Incredibly, the time-telling field was created almost 5,000 years before the first calendars appeared in the Near East.Approximately 10,000 years old, the pits are arrayed in an uneven curve and may each have held a wooden post at one time.While rooting about, the pigs unearthed the tools of a hunter-gatherer society on the east coast that turned out to be the earliest evidence of human habitation. The artifacts included animal remains, crystal quartz tools, spatula-type objects, other hunting tools, and a fireplace.But the wow factor came when these artifacts were found to be around 12,000 years old, placing people on the Isle of Islay nearly 3,000 years earlier than originally believed.

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