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Veronica's graduated from Columbia Law School, but she hasn't worked a private eye case since the series' finale and is currently interviewing for jobs at law firms in New York at the time the movie is set.She's in a relationship but it's not with her old flame Logan, who she has not seen in 9 years.She said she poured a lot of emotional truth into that particular scene.The Veronica Mars Movie: What You Need to Know Several of the actors recalled their first lines on the series, as well as their encounters with fans over the years.But, fans are more likely to swallow the bitter pill of a prematurely cancelled show if they are at least satisfied with the ending. In the final episode (clearly not originally conceived as a series finale), Veronica is dating likeable (but ironically disliked by fans) Piz (Chris Lowell), while she is on a slow build to reconciling with her ex-boyfriend (and runaway fan favorite) Logan (Jason Dohring).

In the initial conception of the show, Veronica’s main love interest was always suppose to be Duncan Kane (Pitch meeting: Is he her brother?! With that, Logan was bumped up to a central character and Duncan was sent on the lamb with another woman’s love child, never to be seen again (even for the film, which brought back nearly every original living character who had a speaking role).As Veronica says in the pilot: “Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass.He’s ours.” He was initially intended as a two-dimensional antagonistic force for Veronica to combat, and combat she did.Some plot ideas have been proposed over the years since 2007.Everything contained in this page are the rumors, speculations and news that has appeared about this film.

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