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Sina executives invited and persuaded many Chinese celebrities to join the platform.

The users of Sina Weibo include Asian celebrities, movie stars, singers, famous business and media figures, athletes, scholars, artists, organizations, religious figures, government departments, and officials from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Macau, Like Twitter, Sina Weibo has a verification program for known people and organizations.

Sina's CEO Charles Chao considered this to be an opportunity.

Basic functions including message, private message, comment and re-post were made possible in September 2009.

After the July 2009 Ürümqi riots, China shut down most of the domestic microblogging services including the first weibo service Fanfou.

In January 2016, Sina Weibo decided to remove the 140-character limit for any original posts, and the users were thereby allowed to post with up to 2000 characters, while the 140-character limit was still applicable to re-posts and comments.However, there are other Chinese microblogging/weibo services including Tencent Weibo (腾讯微博), Sohu Weibo (搜狐微博), and Net Ease Weibo (网易微博).Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging (weibo) website and is one of the biggest social media platforms in China.In January 2013, Sina Weibo and Net announced that they had reached strategic cooperation.When users browse the foreign language content issued by foreign stars of Sina Weibo, they can directly obtain the translation results through the You Dao Dictionary, which satisfies the language of Sina Weibo users. The Sina Weibo financial report in February 2013 showed that its total revenue was approximately US million and the number of registered users exceeded the 500 million mark.

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Once an account is verified, a verification badge is added beside the account name. A user may post with a 140-character limit, mention or talk to other people using "@User Name" formatting, add hashtags with "#Hash Name#" formatting, follow other users to make their posts appear in one's own timeline, re-post with "//@User Name" similar to Twitter's retweet function "RT @User Name", select posts for one's favorites list, and verify the account if the user is a celebrity.

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