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Interesting Fact about the Philippines: There are about 100 million People from the Philippines majority speak Filipino and English is also used to teach in schools.Close to 10% of Filipinos live outside the Philippines.ALL chats, public and private are logged and viewable by admins and the chat providers.The Buzz50 over 50s seniors chat room is an HTML5 browser based system that works on all devices that have internet including i Phones, i Pads, Android Tablets, PCs, in fact any device with an Internet browser.OMG here again the floods I love it 100 by 100 tokens 10 times 63 the Total of 1,063 Tokens wow Thank you very much mwuahh. Here again 100 by 100 4 times 200 100 100 100 the Total of 900 Tokens awootttt thanks very much mwuahhhh thanks for helping me. Here is the best spoiling again Month of February omg i can't believe wow awsome 100 by 100 29 times 200 500 100 4 times the Total of 4,000 Tokens OMG wow na wow thank you so much Kelvin for the nice day awsome day you spoiling me wow all my body make me giggleling lol damn make me thirsty of laughing as i really love it the spoiling wow na wow Omg....thanks very much hugssss mwuahhhh have a good day and night.. "I heart You""I heart You""I heart You" ........................$$$$ celticjim ......flooding it 140 100 100 173 500 the Total of 1,013 Tokens wow thank you so much celticjim made my day hugsss Take care always. Wow here is the spoiled again 125 single tip 599 single tip 435 single tip the Total of 1,159 Tokens wow thanks very much mwuahh. Wow love to be spoiled 100 by 100 6 times 200 100 100 Total of 1,000 Tokens heyehhh thanks very much xoxoxo Omg Here again another awsome spoiling day 100 by 100 Tokens 5 times 500 100 by 100 Tokens 29 times the Total of 3,900 Tokens Wow you Are Awsome Kelvin thanks you very much mwuahhhhh hugsssss xoxoxoxo Thanks for making me smile and Happy you made My day. Wow thanks 100 by 100 3 times Total of 300 Tokens kisses. Our Webcam chat rooms are The Cafe, The Balcony, The Music Room and of course The Webcam Chat Room itself!This is a free chat room with video and voice in the Philippines.

Buzz50 has the best over 50s seniors chat rooms anywhere on the internet and nobody has disputed this fact!There is no download or registration (there is an option for registration so you can keep a name anytime when chatting online).This chatroom is also available from the Chat Room Rules: The sole purpose of this free Pinoy chat room is to meet and chat with Filipinas through webcam and video.The chat rooms are designed especially for seniors over 50 and are a great place to make friends.Our senior chatrooms are available all around the world and are free in every country Here is a list of countries where the principal language is English: The Buzz50 senior chat rooms also have live webcam chat which is completely free to use.

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