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I'm not saying there's not a lot of remarkably on-topic content to sift through here...

it's just that sifting through it is quite a chore.

And I suppose there's the benefit of being able to find the specific niche you're looking for right off the bat. Personals & Miscellaneous contains the bulk of the personals ads, obviously.

But even if that is the case, the layout could have been far more streamlined. There are links here to other interracial material, including sounds and "How To Convince Your Wife To Try Black Cock" which is a funny title if nothing else. If you're looking for anyone to participate in some interracial action, this is the place you want to start.

The Info heading contains an FAQ, an updates page, news and search engines for the site and the advertisements.

The FAQ is pretty standard stuff, the updates page is a little confusing as it is also all-text, the news isn't all that newsy and the search engines are very simplistic.

Especially in the "High Res" section, for instance, where instead of thumbnails you get a graphic link to each seperate image that just just "High Res Image" and you get to guess what one you might want to look at.

There are nearly 60 links to various picture galleries (and a couple of video ones) that have subjects like "Cum On Her" and "Creampie Platter." The pictures in the galleries stay relatively on-topic and are of varying amateur quality.

These pictures are almost all ads for either a girl's website or a couple willing to share their experiences.

No descriptions other than that they're all about white women with black men. And we know that's what they're all about, so why have 20 seperate pages listed here?

Why not just "Stories" on the main page and then, say, subcategories as an option or as a filter.

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Dark Cavern is truly a different kind of interracial site.

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