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Note 3: These terms, especially the terms mailbox and directory, are not used consistently in IMAP software or on the web sites of IMAP service providers.

This inconsistent terminology is a source of much confusion in the IMAP world.

The sequence of characters that is used to log in to a system.

Sometimes the login ID is a user's username, sometimes it is a user's primary email address on the system, and sometimes it is something else.

--------------------------------- | a user's mailbox space | | | | ...........................

| | : directory : | | : : | | : ----------------- : | | : | mailbox | : | | : | | : | | : | --------- | : | | : | | message | | : | | : | --------- | : | | : ----------------- : | | ...........................

For example, as you can see in the diagram at the right, I use the following terms to describe the objects in a user's mailbox space: Note 2: On some IMAP servers, for example Courier and Cyrus IMAP servers, it is possible for a mailbox and a directory to have the same name.

A person who can edit the global configuration for an account.

Contrast this with a remote, aka IMAP-accessible, mailbox.

Note: A local mailbox is often in a location or in a (possibly proprietary) format that is readable only by the mail client that created it.

For example, in Sea Monkey Suite and Thunderbird, a user needs to check or uncheck the checkbox labeled .

[Geek Note: Contrast dual-use name with no-inferiors name and no-select name, which are the mailbox and directory types used by UW IMAP when the underlying mailbox format is either mbox or c-client MBX.]A list of mailboxes that are presented as a single directory, but in fact might include mailboxes from multiple directories and multiple IMAP servers.

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