Being too accommodating

Then, whatever happens we will have no regrets.” ~Dalai Lama I finally decided that I would call my friend. This was the third time she had flaked on me this week, and it always ended with me calling her to find out what had happened.

When faced with challenges or confrontations with other people, I would automatically be agreeable, regardless of what I was feeling.

Struggling with balancing being there for your customers and employees and having time for long-term strategy (or your own physical and mental health)? Thankfully, there's a boatload of good advice out there on how to set be more strategic about your time use and say no firmly and fairly (including exact language you can use for different situations).

Kindness may be a prerequisite for healthy and meaningful relationships, but an utter inability to set boundaries can come across as an invitation to those with draining emotional needs, cautions poster Borang Touch.

Business Insider rounded up some of the best answers to show how being too nice can backfire.

To be clear, you shouldn't stop being friendly — just don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.

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People assumed that I would not speak out if I were upset.

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