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TACKLING her new role in mini-series Brock, Nat Bass should now be no stranger to being around fast cars. An Audi Q5 which I love to drive but it is a little small for my family.

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It was so big and had a column shift…I'm sure I looked hilarious! It's quite good fun driving in America as you are on the opposite side of the road. See her: As Julie Bamford in Brock, Channel Ten, at 8.30pm Sunday and 9pm Monday.

This is not me at all, I used to be so much stronger Here I am holding on, when there?

NATALIE BASSINGTHWAIGHTE: At first I was really nervous and thought, “I wonder if I’m even going to remember who she is? And I got on-set the first day, said a line and thought, “Oh! But he thinks me being on-set, even just being able to work with directors or other actors, and bringing a character to life, he sees that I just love it so much.

I had this moment and Jackie [Woodburne] and Alan [Fletcher] looked at me and we just laughed. My husband says he has never seen me happier, and that’s quite a big thing because I do lots of different things in my life.

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It's probably why the versatile actress/singer gets so frustrated with you Driving Miss Daisy slowcoaches out there. It wasn't brand new but it was my first and I loved it. Our other car is a Holden Captiva, which has seven seats so we always have room for friends.

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