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D., and author on body language, writes that we make greater eye contact with people we like.

Generally, the greater the eye contact, the stronger the relationship is between two people, she says.

According to numerology, there is a certain connection between the life and numbers.

In the study of numbers, we are concerned with symbolism, figureology and geometrical relations.

John Gottman’s famous “Love Lab,” the researcher was able to identify in just a few minutes whether or not a couple was headed for relationship trouble solely based on the way they interacted with one another, including body language.

Well, that's a part of what we'll talk about here today.

Being one of the overruling Vastu Consultants, we provide consultancy of Vastu keeping every single aspect of the client's requirements.

We have earned huge reputed in the market as a Professional Vastu Consultant as we cater to the specific requirements of the clients.

The amount of eye contact your man makes can be a helpful clue.

We are well reckoned as one of the ecstatic providers of Palm Reading Services based in Nepal.

Our Palmistry Services are given by proficient Guru Nepal Sailesh Ghimire who has vast experience and knowledge of Professional Palmistry.

We can read about wide range of subjects and solutions of problem.

Spiritual guidance reading and self healing reading are done through Zen Tarot cards.

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Vastu is a spiritual medium to chase away the negative energy of the surroundings by adjusting direction and location of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom etc.

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