Aspxgridview rowupdating newvalues empty

I am having a similar problem, but I don't have any Edit Item Template items in my grid. I just changed my code to use an Object Data Source.

I just selected the Auto Generated Edit Button and Auto Generated Delete Button properties to True in the properties tab for the grid. Took 15 minutes to change it, my code is half if not less than it was before, and all I worked hard for now just works straight forward.

I have Enable View State set to true as well, but I am getting both e.

I ran into a situation this morning where the Row Updating event of a Grid View kept insisting there were no entries in either the Old Values or New Values dictionaries. not-for-mail | Xref: TK2MSFTNGXA02gbl microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet:372150 | X-Tomcat-NG: microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet | | I ran into a situation this morning where the Row Updating event of a Grid View kept insisting there were no entries in either the | Old Values or New Values dictionaries. Two things: 1) I think this needs to be documented better. | | 2) I think it's weird that the "value" capability is tied to the parameters collection. That | way it'd work with both types of data binding.

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Item( It is only the Old Values object that contains 'nothing', the New Values passed the values correctly.

Thank you for any insight you can offer in advance.

Here is what I am trying from the load event: Sub Bind Data() Dim my Connection As New My Sql. If I put a datalist inside a datalist and a link button inside the second datalist visually it satisfies my need. It is the textboxes in Flyout (ID=2) that I want to get info from when user presses the Update-button. Advanced Search Capabilities To Help Find Someone For Love, Friendship or a Relationship! Buzzfeed's Ben Smith On How Twitter and Facebook Will Save Journalism (Mostly)On November 4, 2008 I woke up slightly hungover at six a.m.

For instance,a gridview displays the information of the students in a class.

A table is recording the information except their mark.

There is another table recording the mark of the students whose foreign key is the primary key of the previous table. Form View Control I'm running into a behavior which seems odd to me.

string str SQLconnection=".................."; Sql Connection sql Cononection=new Sql Connection(str SQLconnection); Sql Command sql Command=new Sql Command("select * from stuendent where class ID=1",sql Connection); Sql Connection. I have a Form View control populated with some labels that use one way databinding to a database.

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