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She started abusing alchohol, abusing crystal meth.Confusion over a court date and news coverage choices led to a former CBS-2 News anchor losing his temper and later apologizing for his actions.Yet the coping sometimes just gets too much for this girl to handle Ashley Morrison's Works:none As she sits in the bathroom, with a razor blade to her wrist.Tears streaming out of her eyes, and she slowy clenches her fist.He reappears again Lost Girls, and he is meeting Cassandra for a casual date.It is stated that they have a had a few casual, nothing serious, dates. After that, it was over to The Inn at Dromoland to shoot the Presidential Suite, which required a bit of work as they wanted just one image to capture it all – so while Marie did her thing… Carl & I did our thing – and for the fun of it, being close to Valentines day and all that, I decided to add a scene from the film Gone with the Wind – staring Clark Gable as – who I was named after it seems So that was it – after what I can only describe as a major lighting challenge – it was time to load-up the Land Rover once again… and head home in the rain – very tired but very pleased with the end results. whom we have had the great pleasure to worked with over the past few years – providing images for them to use to show the world what they have to offer. So a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to each of you once again – a fantastic result indeed – and thank-you too for choose us at ampimage to capture you’re places – We have worked in the incredibly stylish Dromoland Castle a few times in recent years. and getting the right sort of ambience – lighting, candles, roses, champagne, etc, etc – all of which played their role, to achieve that all important result, where potential guests look at the final image… and say: So a big ‘Thank you’ to Mark, the Manager, and all his highly professional team for looking after us so well – it truly was a wonderful shoot – and we hope we managed to capture not only the decor but also the atmosphere, for all the world to see what an amazing place Dromoland Castle is famous for.

this time to shoot it as it would be setup for a banquet during the day… We are thrilled for Mark and his team – and very pleased too that it was one of our images… Monarchs, aristocrats, and cardinals have slept in our 13 Royal Pedigree hotels from England to Peru. The following day – as well as shooting many of their luxury bedroom suites… He is the son of Ashley Morrison, a well-known psychiatrist.Because of this, he pretty much grew up around the practice and is very familiar with psychiatry.Anyway, first up was to create a meeting style image in the newly decorated Terrace Room – so after Marie had finished setting it up… Carl blocked the sunlight, which I wasn’t actually expecting… There are some stunning Castle hotels in Ireland and we have been delighted to shoot several of them over the past few years. Anyway, all went according to plan at first; however, the little snug/library area in the clubhouse proved a waiting game for us – as we felt it was important to capture a cozy relaxed ambiance… And so we just had to sit it out, while Carl poked the fire a few times, as he acted the part of the would-be model…

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She tries to hide the pain inside, but cannot seem to get away.

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