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Harry's long hours as a aurror causes some loneliness for Ginny.

Rose finds out a shocking about her professor in a nude men's magazine and wants to confront him about it.

CSI: NY (September 2004 – February 2013) was an American police procedural television series set in New York City.

It is a hit spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

, Stand By Me, Bold and the Beautiful, Full House, Even Stevens, Graceland, and How to Get Away with Murder. She takes the boy and leaves, and he isn't heard from again, until 1993, when he unexpectedly arrives at Hogwarts.

If you have a favorite celebrity whethermale, female, band, etc, click on the link below! If the webpage doesn't come up, go to theofficial Tumblur page and browse for Naugthy-princess-22.:)Upcoming stories: How Seth Clearwater got a good Grade in Math class Seth/Ofc. Kimberly Hart Chapter 2 (Final Chapter)Her Crush is Jessie Katsopolis (Final Chapter)Trapped in the Closet chapter 8All Hallow's Eve, 1981 A cloaked woman passes a cloaked man whose intent to kill is dripping off him. Jack resigns from Space Patrol Delta and Z's not to happy about it. She storms off ready to end her days, when there is an unexpected altercation between the one person she never expected.

What if instead the rangers having the urges for hunger and thirst, what if they had a strong urge for sex? Set during 'The attack of the clones via Revenge of the Sith.

This was from the series season two episode Strange case of the munchies, an idea hit me! Harry and Molly are caught in a embarrassing situation by Ron. This story contains strong sexual situations and is for mature audiences only!

Tanya and Adam are sharing a house with Tommy and Kat. Magenta, Antonio's sister is furious about Jayden's dicision about not to have Antonio join the team. Mature themes for strong language and strong sexual situations. When a angry Ron lashes out stroms out leaving Harry furious and Hermione in tears. Albus has a new girlfriend and it's tearing Lily apart. He waits until she's fast asleep to make his soundless move.

Adrianna signed with Talent Ink and LB Talent in Los Angeles.

She has had numerous auditions for Nickelodeon, Marvel Productions, Netflix series, and more.

It's the holiday season Harry's a teacher in the Defense against the Dark Arts, while Rose is a student in her seven year.

It's a hot summer night at the Burrow and rose is staying over. Harry/Ginny, Lily Luna/Rose, Harry/Ginny/Lily Luna/Rose.

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