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Theoretically, the deposition could occur much later than the building activity, after the Spring Tower had been constructed and was standing already for centuries.

If so, the samples do not represent the construction time rather the time when the floods occurred.

New Carbon-14 tests show that massive Middle Bronze fortifications near the Gihon Spring in Jerusalem shall not be regarded to this period anymore. If the Canaanite fortifications did not exist, how credible would be the biblical account of the United Monarchy? David Gurevich Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Bar-Ilan University Research Fellow, The Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology, Hebrew Union College Jerusalem April 2018 On the annual conference, New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Region in 2016, Dr. According to Uziel, the famous massive fortifications near the Gihon Spring, which were attributed to the Middle Bronze Age II, shall not be regarded to this period anymore.

David and Solomon were merely local leaders of a tiny kingdom of Judah, that had no real power nor influence in the region. 3: Reconstruction of Jerusalem in the late 10 (Drawing by Leonardo Gurevich.Despite much knowledge that had been obtained by archaeologists in the 19 (Drawing by Leonardo Gurevich. It was an integral part of an advanced comprehensive system of fortifications.Courtesy of Elad Foundation and Megalim Institute.) In the early 2000’, Reich and Shukron unearthed a monumental tower, 16 × 16 m, which was built on top of the sole natural water source in Jerusalem—the Gihon Spring (Fig. The Spring Tower was constructed of huge boulders (‘Cyclopean stones’) and was aimed to protect the location of the spring. Two massive parallel walls were connected to the Spring Tower, both up to 3.5 m thick.In his lecture New Studies on Jerusalem conference at Bar-Ilan University in 2017, Ussishkin referred to Y. “If that is so, I have to ask you, did the [city] wall of Jerusalem in the Middle Bronze Age and maybe hundreds of years later would appear this way? One has to wonder why there is so much interest of the archaeological milieu as well as biblical scholarship in the business of a single Middle Bronze II Age tower?The answer is that the discussion on the dating of Jerusalem spring's fortification is linked with a much wider debate—that of the question on the existence of the United Monarchy, and this question has much bigger ‘rating’ than a presumed Canaanite fort.

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