Are edward and bella from twilight dating

Now we just need a studio to bring the franchise back to life, and Lionsgate could be the one to do it, with Lionsgate co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger saying in an interview with back in September that a continuation was a possibility, though not a certainty: “It’s a possibility.

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The novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which tells the story of a newborn vampire who appeared in Eclipse, was published on June 5, 2010, as a hardcover book and on June 7 as a free online ebook.

, the actor explained that he’d like to reprise his famous role, if there’s a demand from fans: “So, I’ll get my own spinoff? There could be some radical ways of doing it, which could be quite fun.

Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations.

Since the release of the first novel, Twilight, in 2005, the books have gained immense popularity and commercial success around the world.

The series is most popular among young adults; the four books have won multiple awards, most notably the 2008 British Book Award for "Children's Book of the Year" for Breaking Dawn, The books have been made into The Twilight Saga series of motion pictures by Summit Entertainment.

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Jacob and the other wolves in his tribe must protect her from Victoria, a vampire seeking to avenge the death of her mate James.

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