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I thought that perhaps that was increasing the refresh times so I enabled "save source data with file".

I also considered that, to save space, I purposely had "Save source data with file" unchecked so that Excel wouldn't keep a cache of the data source for each table.

When I have a final version of my code I always write up the detail, with comment, in a separate Word Document - just what I do for sensitive workbooks I will test the code as quickly as I can Thanks I have run the code and it successfully extracts the data for filters 1 and 2 but for filter 3 the results are corrupted in that it appears not to be looping through each sheet, that has content, 7 seven times also the extracts are incomplete.

However, when I attempt to sort any of these pivot tables, Excel freezes and I assume I've gotten myself into some odd VBA loop. Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range)Application. Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range)Application. The attached has worked very well - Excel 2010 in Windows 10 The attached sub routine loops through a list of sheets and for each sheet calls in the arguement also shown.As the model has grown in size I have started to encounter the screen flickering as the macro jumps from one sheet to another - despite scren Updating being false and also the run time has gone from 1 minute to 4 minutes The net is awash with this problem and ideas on causes however the use of Select is commonly blamed Ignorance on my part means that I cannot alter the use of Select in my code to see if the flickering stops.

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