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Boon Ex carries out its mission through Dolphin (by improving it constantly and releasing new versions called the latest and modern technologies) but through the Unity - the Community of Communities (by supporting Unity where webmasters and web developers can communicate with each other to share their knowledges and experience).

Boon Ex has worked in the software market since 2001.

Regarding the global customization options, Pro Chat Rooms application provides flexibility in changing or adding avatars, smilies, additional languages, individual chat rooms backgrounds and more.

is an AJAX/PHP/My SQL based application which allows you to deploy a standalone multi-user chat system or to include such system into an existing website or CMS like Joomla!

The nature of their interactions with the chat rooms and the security features related to chat rooms access are specified in a single file.

The installation process requires the editing of two files: and config.php, where you must specify the My SQL details, full path to Pro Chat Rooms application and respectively the URL of your chat room.

Chat rooms represent the most attractive form of entertainment and communication across the Internet.

They can be used as a replacement for contact forms in case of websites providing live support for customers, can be employed in communities building around certain websites and more.

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