Advice daughter is dating a girl

This makes you come across as fake, and as my husband tells our daughters, who wants to date an imposter?

What boy will be interested in dating a girl who isn’t comfortable being herself?

If they master the art of friendship with the opposite sex, I believe the right romances will follow. It’s the glue that holds a couple together when times get hard or when the fireworks fade.

Listen to His call and pursue the passions He plants in your heart. You build a great life for yourself by cultivating strong relationships with family and friends, developing your potential, and living out your God-given purpose. I want more of what she has.” A boyfriend who had to be hunted down is very unlikely to court you, plan special dates, and initiate contact.They shouldn’t have to compromise their values to win a boy over.And what every girl must believe is that has a lot to offer to anyone smart enough to notice. My prayer for my daughters and yours is that they learn to love their lives regardless of what their love lives bring.Am I saying it’s wrong to speak or interact with boys? I think it is fine to initiate conversation, smile, make eye contact, and express enough interest to let a boy know you’re interested once you’re of dating age. Besides hurting your relationship, it holds back from achieving your own goals and pursuing your interests. He’ll figure out quickly how to improve his chances with you and find ways to spend time together.God created you to guard your heart, not freely give it away to every boy who comes and goes.

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That is the kind of girl the good guys – the protectors, not the predators – are most likely to be interested in.

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