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This session will provide specific examples and words to help law enforcement and advocates get her from "going" to "gone." Participants will examine ways to facilitate and prepare a woman for a safe outcome -- and ultimately end the abuse.This class will cover the use of digital media tools for law enforcement scenarios.Lessons should be applicable to a wide variety of digital media related law enforcement tasks -- from forensics to victim identification to review of body-worn camera footage.Advocates and survivors inform this training’s perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of the commercial sex industry, the complex trauma experienced by the victims, and the most trauma-informed methods of intervention.The primary intended audience would be those within the field of law enforcement (most specifically those working child abuse and sexual assault cases), as well as those who work in the field of social work as court appointed special advocates or in child protective services and children's advocacy centers (as both family advocates and forensic interviewers).

This workshop will discuss the rationale for a separate diagnosis of torture, present representative cases, review outcomes, and summarize the definition of this medical diagnosis.

Case studies and research have shown that evidence to corroborate a child's statement about the abuse can be found at the scene of the abuse months and even years after the disclosure.

Once those involved in the case this information, it can add validation to the child's statement.

This presentation will discuss recantation and its place in the normal process of disclosure, how to investigate a recant, and when and how to interview a child who has recanted.

A case study with excerpts from forensic interviews will be used to assist in meeting learning objectives.

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