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Best Value: The Easy Acc® 20W 4A 4-Port USB Wall Charger has enough power to charge 4 phones at a time, or 2 tablets and costs just .89 at the time of writing making it an amazing deal.This charger solved the bottleneck of multiple phones in my house, everyone is charged and happy!

I also own one of the chargers (review coming soon) and it chargers our phones faster than the original i Phone chargers.

For example, an i Phone 5S can be charged with a 1.0 amp charger, but will be charged faster with the 2.1 amp charger that comes with your i Pad.

So guess for each 1 amp for each phone, 2 for a tablet.

It has a folding plug to make travel ready and is compact in size.

Best Overall: If you need more power the highest rated and most powerful and best selling 4 port charger is the Anker 40W 4-Port Charger.

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