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Thankfully, he would be sharing with the boys at the end of the hall in Room 1.Unlike the poor bastards in the other two who were forced to keep quiet, the boys in Room 3 took full advantage of their good fortune and got to whispering amongst themselves after lights out.Except this time Erich’s arm stayed draped across his friend’s side, hand dangling limply from the wrist.Gustav thought nothing of it and instantly slipped back into the nothingness of sleep.However, you can refuse using cookies at all times, by simply adapting your settings. Sign up for your free Feldkirch chat account now and meet hundreds of Vorarlberg singles online! There would be students representing four conservatories attending the competition this time and the participants, most of them hormone-driven males aged sixteen to nineteen, would be lodging in a handful of rooms in an old building located in the vicinity of the concert hall. Like all the other rooms in the hostel it was simple but cosy with a modest gas lantern on each of the two oak nightstands, a large window to let in the sunlight during the day and the regulation wooden cross nailed to the wall above it.The sleeping quarters they were to share for the next six days.

With enough presence of mind to realise he had drifted too close to Erich’s side of the bed, Gustav emitted a sleepy sigh and budged over, just as he would have on any other night.The Austrian National Tourist Office uses cookies according to its privacy policy.The collected data is used to optimize the company’s websites.The one friend he had in the world absentmindedly chewed on the nail of his thumb as his eyes perused the notes of a piece he already knew by heart.For his solo in this year’s competition their teacher had selected Grieg’s Våren.

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