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Parents, youth pastors, and other concerned adults might hope that the influence of biblical principles on their young would help them withstand the onslaughts of peer pressure, physical longings, and conflicting signals from secular voices ("Don't have sex, but when you do, use a condom"), but the several teens who spoke candidly with At 17, John was a handsome and energetic high school senior with a charming smile and winning personality. "I haven't given into drugs, alcohol, or premarital sex because I see where indulging has taken a lot of my peers," he says. "I've seen some Christian guys and girls who start having sex, and they change.Popular for his athletic prowess, he had learned that such recognition brought with it certain expectations."Of course, there was always a lot of pressure to have sex, from teammates and other kids," he says. "You have to stay prayed up and know what you want out of life. Having babies or getting AIDS is not on your route. They still go to church, but their spiritual lives become fake.Marriage and raising a family can be hard and tiring and frustrating. However, the more we understand ourselves, the better we can communicate, and foster successful relationships with the people we care about.Swap stories and life experiences with others from our marriage family support group.

Talking to others or seeking professional help can be a helpful next step.

If you're focused on your goals, peer pressure shouldn't faze you."Asked about Christian friends who gave in and became sexually active, John answers knowingly. When you are consistently doing wrong and know it, your spiritual life becomes empty and you get farther and farther from God," he says.

"Sometimes you end up not really believing in anything ."It would be wonderful if young people like John, rather than the teens he describes, were the norm.

Today's adolescents must navigate this cultural morass just at a time when hormonal surges and emerging feelings are making life confusing enough.

But what happens when faith gets thrown into the mix?

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Many have found that in addition to marriage & family therapy, sharing stories and meeting others with similar challenges can be helpful.

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