2 month dating anniversary ideas

Now that we’re at least mature adults, I’ve realized our trajectory is equal parts amazing and terrifying.It’s amazing because we were able to navigate the early challenges of adulthood side by side, but terrifying because we were so young and immature when we met that I’m somewhat shocked we held it together and made it this long!Part of this absence of fear stems from the fact that we’ve never been in debt or in a position of living paycheck to paycheck. If we both lost our jobs tomorrow, we’d shrug and figure out our next move.

We’ve found ways to stay on the same page financially, about our relationship, and about what we want out of life, while evolving into the people we are now.

We have no desire to share every last predilection, but we do try to learn about what the other is a fan of. FW went to yoga with me for quite some time because he knows it means a lot to me and I wanted to share it with him.

It’s not really his thing for a daily or weekly workout, but he’ll downward dog from time to time. FW’s devotion to the outdoors and hiking and ended up turning into just as much a fanatic as him.

Sure, we’re cautious, circumspect people and we don’t make any decisions without extensive research and planning (for one example, see our extremely in-depth consideration of the purchase of a storm door…). People have asked what we’ll do if we don’t enjoy homesteading to which I reply, well, we’ll figure out our next adventure.

The prospect of working towards another dream in the future is honestly not that big of a deal to us.

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I, on the other hand, remained skeptical until late 2013.

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